About Buckeye Pacific, LLC

What We Do

We are a leading wholesale lumber brokerage with a team of traders who know the market and can help source the right product needed by our customers, or discover the best markets for our supplies to sell in and find buyers. We buy, sell and distribute wood panel and lumber products to lumber yards, distribution centers, home centers, industrial users and manufacturers. We will inventory product at various locations across North America so it is ready to ship to customers when needed. Our in-house traffic department ensures timely truck and rail shipments.


Buckeye Pacific was founded in 1946 as a buying office for Forest City Trading Group to foster relationships with sawmills and procure railcars. We’ve since grown to a full-service, employee-owned brokerage floor. We’ve built our business by providing quality lumber solutions to our customers and suppliers. You may also visit the website of our parent company, Forest City Trading Group (www.fctg.com) for additional information.

Looking Forward

We are committed to providing you the best service today and tomorrow. At Buckeye Pacific, our veteran traders are the heart of our business. They’ve built relationships, know markets, and find solutions. We will earn your trust and provide exceptional service through hard work and integrity.

We’ve been around long enough to know that new traders become our future. So we have a training plan. Our veteran traders mentor and invest in training up-and-coming traders. At Buckeye Pacific, we are thriving, energized, and looking forward.