Jesse Archambault

If anyone at Buckeye resembles a lumberjack, it’s Jesse! This bearded flannel-lover grew up involved in the harvest side of the wood products industry, such as working in lumber mills and fighting forest fires. After obtaining his degree from Linfield College in International Business Economics, with a minor in… Read More

John Edwards

John received an education degree from Eastern Oregon University in order to become a teacher, and still found his way to Buckeye in 2010. We are lucky to have him! He is a fitness buff who loves golfing, playing basketball, and keeping up with his wife of 19 years… Read More

Karrie Williams

Karrie’s favorite quote pretty much describes her career in a nutshell: “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have,” (Thomas Jefferson). She made the courageous leap from an adminstrative position to sales on a trading floor similar to ours in 2004. Karrie loves… Read More