Bill Matos

Bill started working in the industry in 1995, and joined Buckeye Pacific in the fall of 2019. Bill has been married to his wife Kate since 1992 and they have quite a circus at home with 5 kids and 3 dogs! He enjoys yoga, a game of football, and… Read More

Steve McNulty

Steve joined the Buckeye Mats team in 2015 with nine years’ experience in the crane mat industry. Prior to that he brings over 20 years of experience trading commodity lumber products. Steve assembled the mat team based on the mission statement, “To provide our customers and suppliers with the… Read More

Petar Stoyanov

Pete’s history with our company goes even further back than his several decade tenure; his father Milan Stoyanov led Buckeye for 13 years before eventually becoming the president of Forest City Trading Group in 1987. Pete adds a lot of liveliness to our trading floor, and his sense of… Read More

Karrie Williams

Karrie’s favorite quote pretty much describes her career in a nutshell: “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have,” (Thomas Jefferson). She made the courageous leap from an adminstrative position to sales on a trading floor similar to ours in 2004. Karrie loves… Read More