Buckeye Pacific, LLC - Environmental Policy

Buckeye Pacific, LLC is dedicated to building and enhancing professionalism within ourindustry sphere and providing a wide range of products and information to the customers weserve. We recognize that leadership in the forest products industry carries a responsibility to theenvironment and, in particular, the world’s forests. Buckeye Pacific, LLC actively supportsthose suppliers who use sustainable forest management practices that promote forestsustainability and result in long-term environmental, social and economic benefit.

Buckeye Pacific, LLC endorses the significant efforts being made within the forest productsindustry to assuage the public’s environmental concerns through the development andimplementation of scientifically based forest products certification programs. We view the wiseand prudent use of renewable resources as a cornerstone to the world’s long term buildingproducts needs, and support those firms and organizations that embrace these practices. Wedefine certified forest products as those materials that originate in forests that have beenindependently audited and certified as well managed by a credible independent third party. Weintend to increase the purchase and sale of third party certified forest products when price andavailability allow.

In accordance with the above policy, it is our intent to inform and educate our employees,customers and suppliers on those organizations that are developing and promoting forestproducts certification programs. Accordingly, we recognize that the Sustainable ForestryInitiative® (SFI®), Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), International Organization forStandardization (ISO), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as some of the leading programsusing sound, scientifically based management principles in promoting sustainable forestrypractices.

Buckeye Pacific, LLC promotes implementation of and compliance with constructive logginglaws in all global timber-producing regions. We categorically reject illegal logging practices inany part of the timber-producing world and support the establishment of laws and regulationsthat protect legal and sustainable trade in forest products. We urge all levels of government toenforce laws established to prevent environmental destruction caused by illegal logging.

As an industry leader, Buckeye Pacific, LLC is committed to leveraging its influence in themarketplace to promote the conservation and protection of natural resources. Wood productsfrom our forests provide vital benefits and are widely used in all facets of residential andcommercial construction, furnishings and many other applications. We recognize and promotewood as the only all-natural, biodegradable, renewable resource that will provide for our benefittoday and for our children tomorrow.